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About Jordan

I've spent the past decade helping publishers, medical practitioners, and health care facilities distill complicated medical topics down into accessible content for diverse audiences. 

Previously, I was the blog editor at Everyday Health and the managing editor at The Mighty. My writing has appeared on: BuzzFeed, CBS Interactive, Men’s Health Magazine, Teen Vogue, Scary Mommy, Upworthy, Rodale’s Organic Life, Prevention, Sharecare, Yahoo Health, MSN, and AOL. I've also worked as a consultant for Verywell, Mount Sinai Health System, and other businesses in the health care industry and outside of it. 

In 2012, I co-founded Endo Warriors, an organization that provides in-person and virtual support groups for people living with endometriosis. Due to my work in the reproductive health space, I've been interviewed for Bustle, Bitch Magazine, Rewire.News, and appeared on NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt. 

I love managing people and projects. I spent four years managing a team of staffers at The Mighty and two years at Everyday Health managing the site's contributor network. I've also developed content-based programs, newsletters, events, and writing workshops. There are many projects I'm proud of, but at the top of my list are The Mighty's Condition Guides


The guides are overviews of conditions from the perspective of medical professionals and patients. Almost 14,000 patients were surveyed for the first guide, fibromyalgia. The doctors interviewed are experts in the disease, and the guide was medically reviewed by a physician integral in creating the condition’s diagnostic criteria. I conceptualized the guides, wrote the surveys, validated the data, and edited the guides. 

​I am currently available for writing, editing, content strategy, and consulting projects as well as workshops, events, speaking arrangements, and one-on-one writing and editing services (i.e. resume and cover letter editing or feedback on other projects).   

I graduated a year early from Fordham University, Lincoln Center with a bachelor of science in psychology. During my time at Fordham, I published research in the school's research journal. 

I live in New York City with my partner and our two cats (plus the occasional foster kitten or three). If I'm not working, I'm probably tending my roof garden or doing something artistic. Right now, I'm into crochet and bookbinding. 

And if you, like me, are interested in personality tests, it may help to get to know me this way: I'm an ENTP, Enneagram type 8, DISC score CD, and a dominant green for True Colors. (I'm also a Sagittarius, but that's just fun not psychology.) All this means is I'm an analytical person with overachiever tendencies, who loves getting to the root of a problem.

For more about me, my rates or to see my resume, please message me through my contact page or via email at J.AshleyDavids@gmail.com.


Photo: Michelle Pedone

Selected Clips


"I was the subject of an article Jordan Davidson edited for Everyday Health. It was a deeply personal story about a delicate subject. Something I poured my heart into and then had to trust someone I didn't know to edit it. She did so beautifully. Her additions and changes to the flow added to the story, and most importantly she got all the facts correct. I've told my story in several venues, and inevitably there are mistakes and disappointments, not so with Jordan. I let her write about the worst, most vulnerable moment of my life and would do so again."

Kristine Brite McCormick, Newborn Health Advocate

"Jordan Davidson is among the most productive and prolific editors I have ever worked with. When I began to work with her, I figured I was one of three or so blogs she managed, and I was impressed that she always answered my emails in an efficient manner. So I was flabbergasted when I learned that she manages approximately 60 columns and produces about 100 pieces per month! Can a human being really be that competent? YES. Not only does she perform at that volume, but she has great feedback and editing advice when I need it. I don’t know many people who can live up to that." 

Therese Borchard, Writer

"Jordan is a fantastically talented, self-motivated woman. She writes beautifully, researches topics thoroughly and never ceases to impress. Jordan shows a depth of experience and composure well beyond her years. I would hire Jordan immediately and without reservation."

Chandler Marrs, PhD, Researcher