My draw to health journalism was the belief that the internet could improve health literacy for people around the world.


Sure, it sounds cheesy but when you want to get in shape and can’t afford a gym membership or when your doctor diagnoses you with depression but you can’t afford a therapist, health content provides a lifeline.

I believe that health care should be accessible to all. Improving health content brings us one step closer to that goal.  


I create things that 
help people live their healthiest lives.

Ask anyone who's worked with me and they'll probably tell you either I'm obsessed with spreadsheets or that I seem to have an endless supply of ideas. It's true, I'm all about organization. As for the ideas, it's a result of the way I approach problem-solving. A lot of times when people have a problem, they focus on their desired outcome and strategize on how to achieve their end goal. This approach ignores the underlying problem and often leads to a short burst of unsustainable growth. 

My approach is different. I like to understand the problem from all angles. I don't like surprises. I want to be prepared for all eventualities. In my experience, identifying and addressing the underlying problem(s) is what leads to long-term growth. This problem-solving strategy is also the foundation of good journalism. After all, how can you write about something you don't understand? 

Health care, and content related to it, is complex and requires a deep desire to actively want to improve. I've spent the past decade helping empower and educate people about their health — from writing and editing articles to building programs and support groups. I'm passionate about big ideas and creating change. 

If you're looking to grow, I want to help you. I'm available for writing, editing, editorial strategy, and consulting projects.  

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I also offer editorial services for businesses outside of the health space, not listed here.